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CHANGING STATUS OF THE SCHOOL:   The School was named St. Patrick's College only till 2006 due to the introduction of the Univeral Basic Education Programme of the President Olusegun Obasanjo led Government which disarticulate the School into St. Patrick's Junior Secondary School Session and St. Patrick's Senior Secondary School Session under different Principals, for three years session each. Later in 2011 the Ondo State Government later articulate the School into full institution with only one Principal heading the School.

ADMISSION POLICY:  The state Government through the Ministry of Education conducts placement Examination each year for prospective Students. Only student who took the School as first choice will be adimitted through the Ondo State Ministry of Education.

SCHOOL CURRICULUM:  The following Courses are taken in the JSS 1 to 3 Classes  -  The first five core subjects of English Language, Mathematics, Basic Science, Basic Technology, Civic Education, Computer and Social Studies and Agric. Scinece, Youruba language, C.R.S., Physical and Health Education, Business Studies, Music, Fine Art. While for the Senior Secondary School of SS 1 to SS III, students can belong to any Science, Humanities, Business or Vocational departments with various subject combinations Entrepreneurship (35) courses - Students are to choose compulsorily one Entrepreneurship course as a compulsory course with their peculiar basic subjects combination from each of the Departments.

BOARDING/DAY STDENTS:   Right from the time of establishment, the School has been fully Boarding with exception of few Day Students. But with the Government policy of free Education from the late 1980's upwards, majority of the students are now day students while few are in the boarding house.

CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES:   Stdents are allowed to join club and societies that will enhance their interactive spirit with co-students. Clubs & Societies include literary and debating. Dramatic, Press, Jet Club, Boys Scout, Man O. War. Legion of Mary, Young Christian Society YCS, Young Farmer Club; They also participate fully in Agriculture, Sporting activities in which the School is renown.